Something 'bout Turkey ( not the animal, the country xD )

Hey Guys I was thinking for quite a long time what I would blog about first. Now, I decided to blog about my vacations in Turkey. I arrived about three hours ago at home, after an 8-hours-long journey by bus, airplane and train...I spent one week in Turkey, together with my dad, his wife and my little brother. We were staying in a very beautiful hotel in a small town near Izmir called Allaçati. And guys, this hotel was just heaven!!!It had a super super super big pool...this was the longest pool I've ever seen! And I don't think I'll ever see a longer one xDOur room was also very cool, with a gorgeus view on (? I hate prepositions ._. ) the sea, and the bed was so comfortable *-*The staff were all very kind and gentle, the food was amazing, everything was just perfect!I had some windsurf-lessons there, and it was really great fun. Windsurfing is such a cool sportWe visited Allaçati and Çesme, and they're both really cool in their own way. I really enjoyed shopping in Çesme, as they got many interesting shops. And in Allaçati, I ate the best Kebap ever :DBut the coolest thing was: on our last day, there was a great party to promote a new Turkish fashion magazine called 'BeStyle', and there were many Turkish celebrities in our hotel! I didn't know any of them, but I'm sure they were very famous ;-)I really enjoyed my vacation and I'm sure anywhen I'll go there again.Question: What was your last vacation?Love you all <3PS: I'll add some photos

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