Something 'bout Turkey ( not the animal, the country xD )

Hey Guys I was thinking for quite a long time what I would blog about first. Now, I decided to blog about my vacations in Turkey. I arrived about three hours ago at home, after an 8-hours-long journey by bus, airplane and train...I spent one week in Turkey, together with my dad, his wife and my little brother. We were staying in a very beautiful hotel in a small town near Izmir called Allaçati. And guys, this hotel was just heaven!!!It had a super super super big pool...this was the longest pool I've ever seen! And I don't think I'll ever see a longer one xDOur room was also very cool, with a gorgeus view on (? I hate prepositions ._. ) the sea, and the bed was so comfortable *-*The staff were all very kind and gentle, the food was amazing, everything was just perfect!I had some windsurf-lessons there, and it was really great fun. Windsurfing is such a cool sportWe visited Allaçati and Çesme, and they're both really cool in their own way. I really enjoyed shopping in Çesme, as they got many interesting shops. And in Allaçati, I ate the best Kebap ever :DBut the coolest thing was: on our last day, there was a great party to promote a new Turkish fashion magazine called 'BeStyle', and there were many Turkish celebrities in our hotel! I didn't know any of them, but I'm sure they were very famous ;-)I really enjoyed my vacation and I'm sure anywhen I'll go there again.Question: What was your last vacation?Love you all <3PS: I'll add some photos

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Hello everyone

Hey I guess, I should start with introducing myself.So here you are: I'm a fourteen-years-old girl from Germany. I've decided to write a blog because sometimes there are moments in life - positive or negative ones - that you want to share with somebody, but you don't want to talk about it to a person you know. You know what I mean?Oops...I've just realised that sounds quite depressive. That wasn't my attention.What I meant is that I sometimes just feel like I have to share something with people, and that's why I'm gonna write a blog xDI want to stay anonymus, so - of course - I won't tell you guys my name...And if I talk ( or write ) about people that actually exist, I will give them some nicknames. I won't post any pictures of me as well...I think that's clear What will I blog about?Well, thinks like love, friendship, school, problems teenagers have, but also things like beauty, fashion, lifestyle...I hope you'll like my blogLove you all <3PS: Like I've already told you, I'm from Germany, so English isn't my native language. But because I like English very much and because there are much more people that understand English than German, I've decided to blog in English. I'm sure there will be some mistakes in my texts, but I really hope you guys won't mind.

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